Steps to Buying Your First Used Car Middletown, CT

Steps to Buying Your First Used Car Middletown, CT

Congratulations on starting your journey towards buying your first used car! This can be an exciting time, and you’re sure to learn a lot about the process. Do you know what steps you should take to buy one near Middletown, Manchester, or Hartford, Connecticut? If you need assistance, turn to Key Chevrolet for the steps that lead to a successful experience.

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Steps to Buying First Used Car Middletown, CT

Consider Used Car Choices

You see cars riding down local roads every day, so you know visually what appeals to you. It’s important to know the things you truly need and could use, whether you’re commuting to school or going to work.

Make a list of what you like in a car, what you need, and other extras that dovetail with your taste. Think about what your usual drives entail and what could make them better.

If you’ve never owned a car before, use your experiences driving other cars to guide you. A friend’s car may have felt too small, or maybe your parents’ car didn’t carry the connectivity you want. If you borrowed a sibling’s car and thought it could use more pickup, you may want a more powerful engine.

Steps to Buying First Used Car Middletown, CT

Do Your Research

Many major brands feature comparable cars, so you may come across a handful of ones that you may want. If you’re looking for gas efficiency for commuting, you will find a number that could suit you. Maybe you want a car that provides you ample space for all your friends. When this happens, you need to do some further research.

Plenty of notable websites provide information about every kind of car you can think of and what’s good about each one. Here are a few we recommend: US News and Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book,, and These sites rate each car on performance, size, interior amenities, safety, and more.

When you start looking at used cars in our inventory, go to the CARFAX site to get a vehicle history. This gives you the ownership and accident history. Any of these resources can determine what you should get.

Used Car Inventory

Check Out Our Used Car Inventory in Middletown, CT

You’ve just learned about the cars that may be possibilities. Now you can put the finishing touches on your research by learning about our cars. We provide a slew of desirable used cars in our inventory, so you may need to focus on the best choices.

By using the online search, you can search by make and model or other factors like drivetrain, type of fuel, and body style. That way, you can easily find a car that fits those requirements. Once you’ve got a satisfying list, come into our showroom and talk to a salesperson. You can take a test drive (or two) as well.

Financing at Dealership

Arrange Your Financing

For first-time shoppers, you may need guidance when setting up financing. Our finance experts can inform you about your options after you complete your online finance application. This gives them an outline of what works for your lifestyle, and they can fill in the details with the right payment arrangement.

Our online payment calculator provides you with an estimate of what your monthly payment may be. This helps when you want to see which cars work with your budget.

Follow the Steps to Buying Your First Used Car in Middletown, CT

We’re excited you came to learn about the steps to buying your first used car. At Key Chevrolet, we work with a range of Middletown, Manchester, and Hartford drivers, so we’re very knowledgeable about what works when buying a car. Contact us to schedule your test drive today!

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