It's no secret that your car's brakes are amongst the most important aspects of your vehicle. Responsible for your ability to slow down and stop, your braking system is critical to the health of you and your vehicle. As such, it is a complex system made up of different parts. Like all other features, your braking system and corresponding parts will need service as you add mileage to the vehicle.

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The Braking System

Your braking system is made up of several different parts. From pads and rotors to brake lines and fluids, they all play an important role in your ability to stop your Chevrolet vehicle. So, how does the braking system work?

When you press your vehicle's brake pedal, your braking system will begin to work. Pressing the pedal will send pressure throughout your brake lines. This pressure will then reach your brake calipers. The calipers use that pressure to squeeze your brake pads against your brake rotors, ultimately bringing the vehicle to a halt.

When Will I Need Brake Repair?

Excellent question! The need for a brake repair largely depends on what part needs service and how long it has been since your last repair.

Each part situated within the braking system will need service at some point or another, with some parts requiring more frequent service than others. Your brake pads will need to be replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, while your rotors won't need to be replaced until you approach 70,000 or so miles. Meanwhile, your brake fluid will need more frequent attention, needing to be flushed every 30,000 or so miles.

Aside from tracking your mileage, there are some other signs and symptoms you can look out for that could indicate your brake system needs repair. For example, if you detect a burning smell when applying your brakes, it is a surefire way to tell that your braking system needs attention.

Another symptom consistent with a brake issue is hearing squeaking or other unusual noises when applying your brakes. Additionally, these signs could indicate bad brakes:

  • Brake light
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • "Squishy" brake pedal
  • Leaking fluid

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best practice to bring your vehicle in for attention. This will help prevent the possibility of more extensive damage.

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How We Can Help

Whatever is misfiring in your braking system, we'll be equipped to help at our Chevrolet service center. Our experienced and trained staff of automotive technicians are well-versed in performing brake repairs. Therefore, they can work to complete your repair in an efficiently and effectively.

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